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Automakers need full insight into their prospects and customers in order to differentiate themselves and offer a fully - connected retail experience. Yet this data is often spread across multiple sources ranging from social media and customer service records to online retailing and dealerships.

Subaru drives a 350% increase in ad click - through - rates

Arm Treasure Data allows Subaru to optimize ads based on a deeper understanding of customer demographic and behavioral data.

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Retail & Consumer Products

Magic happens when all your customer data is in one place and accessible to all stakeholders. Treasure Data enterprise CDP connects sales and marketing data across products and brands for a holistic understanding of the customer, so you can spot trends, personalize the customer experience and increase sales.

Wish, the “Shopping Mall in Your Pocket,” built one of the most popular mobile shopping apps in the world leveraging Treasure Data’s enterprise customer data platform (CDP).

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2020欧洲杯赛事 Muji, a global retailer known for sustainable products and packaging, planned to grow beyond its 650+ store locations. Muji developed a mobile app in order to build more intimate customer relationships.

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PARCO Co. Ltd is a 66-year-old Japanese shopping-mall and department-store chain driving deep shopping insights to support more than 3,000 retailers. They use Arm Treasure Data to enable their omnichannel strategy for personalization that gets results.

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2020欧洲杯赛事 Shiseido, the fifth largest maker of cosmetics in the world, added a digital component to their customer loyalty program, pivotal to their customer communications and branding strategy for 80 years.

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Kirin deployed Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP to collect and analyze campaign data across digital channels, as well as sales events and storefront activities.

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Whether it’s raw event – level data, log files, game development data, microtransaction/eCommerce records, payment or other real – time data, Treasure Data enterprise CDP can unify and analyze all your data so you can personalize the player experience across platforms, devices and applications.

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Game company Survios’ VR – exclusive game Raw Data became the first virtual reality (VR) – exclusive game to reach #1 on Steam’s Global Top Sellers list and the first VR game to make $1 million in a month. In order to elevate the player’s journey into something richer, Survios uses Treasure Data to analyze and optimize the player experience.

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  • Brandai Namco
  • MobilityWare
  • Square Enix

Marketing & Advertising

2020欧洲杯赛事Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP can help you better anticipate customer needs so you can create a more holistic customer experience, by unifying first -, second - and third - party data to enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

Dentsu, one of the top five global advertising agencies, leverages their deep analytics expertise to deliver data-informed services to their 11,000+ clients worldwide.

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Kapost Logo
Kapost, a B2B marketing platform, delivers a unique data-driven content marketing system to high – profile companies such as AT&T, IBM and LinkedIn.

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2020欧洲杯赛事With Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP, you can flexibly and securely ingest IoT data from any connected device or machine, correlate data from multiple data sources and leverage AI/ML - powered insights to act on custom insights and applications.

Pioneer revolutionizes cars with the IoT evolution
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2020欧洲杯赛事See how we work with our customers to develop the most scalable, flexible and trusted enterprise CDP in the market.

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